emily + tim | engagement, mckee botanical gardens

i first met emily when i photographed her sister's wedding last december. she and her two sisters are not only gorgeous girls on the outside but the inside as well. so when i was asked to capture her and tim's wedding (happening this weekend!), i was pumped! as you can see, emily and tim are very sweet towards one another and naturals in front of the camera - even if they think otherwise! this day was HOT HOT HOT, but that did not deter them from making the most of our time spent at mckee botanical gardens. i had a hard time narrowing down my favorites for this post - plenty of favorites to choose from. i'm so thrilled for their wedding day and all the goodness to come for them!


ben + alissa | engagement

i am finally sharing some engagement photos from ben and alissa's session this past january! these two get hitched next week in park city, utah and i am so excited for the two of them. they are such sweet souls and i can't wait to celebrate with them so soon. congrats, guys!

sherri + mike | engagement

i really don't know why it has taken me so long to blog these engagement photos of sherri & mike. they are a gorgeous couple and it was such a fun shoot!

the photos were taken earlier in the year at the vero beach marina, followed by the beach at sunset. we totally lucked out that evening with the most beautiful skies, and just all around nice weather. (come back, winter temps!) these two get hitched later this year, so a big congrats to the future mr. & mrs!

taylor + alex | engagement

it's taylor and alex's wedding week and i am so excited to capture their nuptials this weekend. i wanted to share some favorites from their engagement session earlier this year! it was one of those super windy beach days so we managed to get a few shots in before heading to their new abode. lots of great things to come for these two, congrats to the future mr. & mrs. brown!

krista + tyler | engagement, round island

i'm so looking forward to krista and tyler's wedding this fall in vero! i got the chance to get to know them a bit more during the engagement session at round island park and have to say what troopers these two are! pulling out of my street, i saw tyler's truck go by with two oversized kayaks handily strapped to the back. i thought to myself, eek! i hope they make it! luckily, everyone made it to the shoot safely and i was able to get a few shots of them enjoying one of their favorite activities while the sun set. looking forward to october when these two tie the knot!

katie + joe engagement | new york, ny

i first met katie and joe when i began dating my now husband, drew. he lived with joe in new york for a few years so we grew close to these two lovebirds over the years. during a recent visit back to the city, i got to photograph the newly engaged couple one sunday. it was a gorgeous spring day and i was pumped because the city isn't the worst backdrop there is...

what i loved most about doing this is the fun that was involved! well, at least for me, it was fun! i think that joe would reluctantly agree, it wasn't so bad...

all jokes aside, i am so happy for these two. they are the perfect balance for one another and just GOOD people. solid friends and always a fun time. their wedding is sure to be a blast. congratulations you guys! scooter rides and pinkberry for life. xo

natalie + scott | engagement

happy new year, friends! to kick-start january, i am sharing a recent engagement session with natalie and scott. these two live in north carolina and are getting married this fall in vero. natalie - an avid florida girl with a knack for fishing - wanted to take some photos by the water so we kept close to the river. but it wasn't too long before we made our way to the park so their sweet dog could run around (he very patiently waited in the car before!). a big congrats to this sweet couple - i'm so excited for you both! x

rafaela + john

back in april, i met with rafaela and john - the beautiful couple below - to take some photos around vero's beachside. we weaved in and out of the beach shops and restaurants and over to humiston's sandy shores for some loving snapshots. i am so glad to have met these two lovebirds and wish them my best for their future life together. congrats to you both!

engaged - brittany and andrew

i had the pleasure of photographing brittany and andrew at the beautiful round island in south vero beach recently. we both lived in new york city and part of our time there overlapped, so we share our love for the city as well as the small beach town we now all reside in. i am excited for these two to get married this october and say 'i do'. congratulations you two!

a happy engagement, vero beach

i had the pleasure of taking photos at jenny and david's recent engagement party held at Waldo's Secret Garden in vero beach. catered by fourteen bones bbq and filled with friends and family, it was one of those rare 'winter' nights here in florida - with the perfect amount of chill and liveliness. happy engagement to jenny and david and thank you for letting me be a part of your special evening!

naomi and lenny, a rainy day engagement

so, naomi and lenny are not models. but they might as well be. these two are high energy and lots of fun. they are lovely towards one another and i hope i captured their spirit in these. it was a rainy morning and we took to their gramercy rooftop for some photos. with a view of the empire state building, a borrowed umbrella and plaid scarf, i would say we made it work! unafraid to endure some rain, the two danced, dipped, kicked, and played on the roof all before 9am. again, spirit.

also, shameless plug for famous friends - you may recognize lenny from the new abc show, how to get away with murder, and naomi from her previous stint as mens health's girl next door. i am so grateful to have these two as friends - congrats you guys! you're the best.

naomi & lenny, nyc - sneak peek

i am so excited to share some engagement photos of my friends naomi and lenny. these two are set to marry next year and i could not be more excited for them. here are a few of my faves from our shoot in nyc on a very dreary september morning. as you can see, we made the best of it. more to come!

jen + mike

let me first start by saying jen is a long time friend and one of my closest. we have shared so much together from early mid-teen days of cheering for our high school football team, visiting each other in tallahassee and gainesville during those hazy college years, to packing up our bags for a move to new york city together and living in a 1 bedroom that we optimistically converted to a 3 (with our other bestie, jes). we were pretty naive (as any true young new yorker should be) and adventurous and single ladies! eventually our endeavors led us to each meet a couple of fine men. (hey, drew.) jen's being, mike, or ronald reagan as we like to refer to him sometimes.

see, mike and jen met at a mutual friend's halloween party. a group of us girls came as the early 90's game of pogs and jen, being the slammer, was our token ringleader. it didn't take very long for reagan and slammer to meet and the rest is pretty much history. this duo is a cool one, and we took to their backyard for photos - aka the heart of brooklyn - with its graffitied walls and gritty scenery. thank you both for having me - it was truly so fun being able to capture some mementos for you. i cannot wait for your wedding and the unspoken for memories of years to come. spread love y'all, it's the brooklyn way. X

(ps. shout out to naomi piercey for the professional assistance of hair duties, bag carrying, and ongoing encouragement. it's a tough gig yo.)

maria & beau

this engagement shoot with maria and beau was a lot of fun! i loved maria's take on a subdued boho look and beau was such a good sport golf-carting us all around to find the perfect spot for pictures. with the sun setting on what turned out to be a gorgeous may day, i was camera happy which shows in the below. maria really wanted to get some pictures at the end in the water and i must say it was a great idea. one of my favorites is the last shot which was taken at the end of shooting - congratulations you two!


tricia and stephen

i recently had the chance to take some sunset photos at the marina of tricia and stephen who are set to be married in march. it was a gorgeous evening and we were thankfully able to take a little spin out on the river for a bit. i hope the weather is just as perfect next month when you two officially tie the knot. congratulations and thanks for a fun shoot!


jes & joe, engagement

it is hard to believe i have known jes for 12 years now. she is a best friend of mine, an old new york city roommate and we share so many memories together. i remember the day she told me about joe... (it started with "i met a boy...") during her time in nyc one college summer. and the rest is history, really. joe made jes a very happy & surprised girl recently proposing in a park not too far from the spot they first struck up a conversation.

it was a joy to take these pictures last month in brooklyn and even though it was a sweltering 90 degree day, we covered lots of ground! jes and joe are both a part of my new york family and i cannot wait to see the two of them tie the knot next year. here are some of my favorites from that very hot day in the city! cheers you two - it was an honor!

love, kimmy

DSC_0036 copy

katelyn and nick, NYC

i met katelyn and nick recently on a gorgeous spring day to take some engagement photos in the city. in a conscious effort to begin the picture taking in a quiet spot in the west village, i had katelyn and nick meet me in front of a staple neighborhood restaurant, the little owl. after exchanging a few words about how gorgeous the day was, they settled into some chairs in front of the restaurant's large glass windows and i took a few steps back with my camera to snap some shots.

all of a sudden i turn around and see a group of about 40-50 people approaching. with a confused look on my face, i turn to nick and katelyn who begin laughing and we all exclaim - "what is going on?!" there went my idea of a secluded starting point!

yet, it was no matter. these two were great - no matter the circumstances. i truly enjoyed taking these pictures and they were both so fun. congratulations you two, and thank you for allowing me to capture a few special moments and shared laughter with you. cheers!