introducing | margaux rose | part I

meet margaux. adorable, red headed, sweet, sleepy, funny margaux. she already has a lot of personality. born fourth of july weekend (she had an early arrival and greeted us on the fifth) she became the first child to my sister, chelsea and my bro-in-law, brian. i love being an aunt...especially when it means i get to spoil her with cute clothes and take photos of her in funny hats.

it is a truly special experience to watch your sister become a mom. chelsea - you're incredibly tender and loving to her already but also so strong (hero). and brian ... well he is a goner. he has his feisty little girl to take care of now. to teach how to paint, fish, and play soccer one day, maybe. or who knows...she may be interested in collecting lizards and poking tadpoles like her mommy used to do. whatever she wants, right?

welcome little peaches! you're perfect.


aunt pinks