lost in angeles

california dreamin'.

back at the start of 2015, me + drew + bro, took a trip to the city of angels to cheer on the seminoles in the rose bowl. tacked on to the trip were bike rides through santa monica & venice, drives to malibu and through the hills, and about as much cali-mex as we could muster while we were there. the ongoing joke throughout the trip was "where is los angeles?". we couldn't 'find it'. we asked everyone.

coming from living in new york city where the neighborhoods are all within walking distance and the high rises scream downtown versus uptown and the taxis whooshing by you are any indication that you are in the midst of the 'city' - los angeles is so different and harder to grasp. it has layers like new york, but instead of using our subway transit to get around - everything is by car. and the downtown of la is not what lays at the heart of the city.

we visited the griffith park and spotted the hollywood sign. we grabbed some in n' out and made our way to point dume in malibu. we rented beach cruisers and went until our legs tired and we needed to stop for beers. we ate some delish grub at gjelina in venice and took in the salty air.

something about it - the sunsets, the palm trees, the perfect weather...has me dreamin' for some more.