winter babies in florida

fresh off of a trip to new york city, coming home to florida hasn't felt this good in a while. i knew while living in new york that winters can be brutal, and the city distracts from the brisk cold with neon signs, cozy retreats and comforting, delicious food. however, this winter seems to be triumphant in dumping snow and breaking hearts with its "feels like -12 degrees outside" mornings, days and nights.

prior to my trip, i was able to take photos of these adorable little ones who were visiting from the frigid north. eager to take advantage of warmth, sunshine and sand, we took to the beach on a 70 degree, february day. i handed little brielle some bubbles to play with and off she went! little carter, only 4 months or so, was a trooper with his chunky cheeks taking it all in.

here are some favorites from that day! i hope these memories keep you warm until that first sign of spring little ones!