Liz & Doc, April 2014

i have known liz since i was little. she grew up with my sister doing everything together from dance recitals to trick-or-treating to cheerleading. they have remained close friends and even though they live quite a distance apart, i think it is safe to say they are as tight as ever. so when liz asked me to photograph her wedding, i was nervous and thrilled to do so. she was one of the calmest brides i have seen and doc was cool and collected too.

it was a small ceremony with both immediate families and a couple of friends on one of those, luckily, utterly perfect vero beach days. doc and liz strike me as being the perfect compliment to one another. the merging of the two families on their wedding day was special and you could tell there is a mutual respect and love for each other. it was a day of celebration and lots of dancing! the love in the air on april 3rd was abundant and i imagine it isn't going anywhere anytime soon! congratulations to doc and liz and cheers to married life in montana!