sally armstrong event, vero beach

Sally Armstrong on women: "They are more interested in policy than power; they want peace rather than a piece of the turf. And women have long known that a sense of community is far more valuable than a sense of control."

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing an event hosted by Merrill Lynch featuring human rights activist and journalist, Sally Armstrong. The event was held at Quail Valley in Vero Beach and guests included a selection of local high school seniors, Merrill Lynch employees and some of their guests. Sally spoke about her latest book, Uprising, and the shift of the status of women today. Sally sees a new age for women happening now and coming from her on the ground work in various zones of conflict, she has seen this change first hand.

One of the stories that stayed with me was the research she did in Kenya where she came across a shelter with a group of 160 young women who had been raped, ages 3 to 17. In what would seem like a moment of pure defeat for these tortured women, they came together to bring their cases to court, suing their government for failing to protect them from being raped. "Unbelievably, they won. This again to me is a perfect example; this could never have happened before." - S. Armstrong

It was very inspiring to hear her speak about the various strong and resilient women she has come across, and it was also a good reminder of how lucky some of us are, simply for being born in a free country. To hear some more on her book, click for an interview here.