jen + mike

let me first start by saying jen is a long time friend and one of my closest. we have shared so much together from early mid-teen days of cheering for our high school football team, visiting each other in tallahassee and gainesville during those hazy college years, to packing up our bags for a move to new york city together and living in a 1 bedroom that we optimistically converted to a 3 (with our other bestie, jes). we were pretty naive (as any true young new yorker should be) and adventurous and single ladies! eventually our endeavors led us to each meet a couple of fine men. (hey, drew.) jen's being, mike, or ronald reagan as we like to refer to him sometimes.

see, mike and jen met at a mutual friend's halloween party. a group of us girls came as the early 90's game of pogs and jen, being the slammer, was our token ringleader. it didn't take very long for reagan and slammer to meet and the rest is pretty much history. this duo is a cool one, and we took to their backyard for photos - aka the heart of brooklyn - with its graffitied walls and gritty scenery. thank you both for having me - it was truly so fun being able to capture some mementos for you. i cannot wait for your wedding and the unspoken for memories of years to come. spread love y'all, it's the brooklyn way. X

(ps. shout out to naomi piercey for the professional assistance of hair duties, bag carrying, and ongoing encouragement. it's a tough gig yo.)