it's fall, baby

it may still be in the 80s and the leaves may not change here in vero beach...but that doesn't stop me from wanting it to be fall. and to feel fall air. to dress in boots and cozy knitted sweaters. to sip on some chai tea and sit by a fire. i had the pleasure of spending five fall seasons in new york and was even able to take a couple of weekend trips to vermont with close girl friends for leaf peeping. since then, i have always had the fall itch to get in that fresh air and truly feel the change of season, no matter how short it may be.

here in florida, we are not so fortunate. HOWEVER, stryker doesn't know any better yet. so we dressed him in his finest fox hat gifted from grandma and took to the park for some photos. after every photo, i basically shouted to my sister, 'oh my gosh, tiff! he is so precious'. that may have gotten old after the 50th click, but who could deny this face?! i am, of course, biased, but here are some favorites. happy first fall little guy, i'll be sure to take you leaf peeping one day. x