katelyn and nick, NYC

i met katelyn and nick recently on a gorgeous spring day to take some engagement photos in the city. in a conscious effort to begin the picture taking in a quiet spot in the west village, i had katelyn and nick meet me in front of a staple neighborhood restaurant, the little owl. after exchanging a few words about how gorgeous the day was, they settled into some chairs in front of the restaurant's large glass windows and i took a few steps back with my camera to snap some shots.

all of a sudden i turn around and see a group of about 40-50 people approaching. with a confused look on my face, i turn to nick and katelyn who begin laughing and we all exclaim - "what is going on?!" there went my idea of a secluded starting point!

yet, it was no matter. these two were great - no matter the circumstances. i truly enjoyed taking these pictures and they were both so fun. congratulations you two, and thank you for allowing me to capture a few special moments and shared laughter with you. cheers!