mountain air

living in nyc, i get my fair share of interesting smells wafting through the air. sometimes it is the cinnabun smell that happens right at the corner of 3rd avenue and 14th street. some are bad, like trash day thursday - or how about the subway stench that lingers while waiting for the train to hurry and scoop you up? one thing we do not get a lot of (actually not at all) in the city is fresh, crisp, utterly clear mountain air. so on the recent trip to park city, i breathed and i breathed deeply!

aside from the beauty and endless scenery, the mountains offered a sense of calm i haven't felt in a while. much like the ocean's rhythmic waves feel, the mountains loomed larger than me, but i couldn't have felt more at ease.

that also had to do with the good company i was with - the b family. park city is their home away from home and i got to see a bit of its beauty. the leaves were starting to transition into rusty orange and vibrant red and the temps dipped into the 50s at night. felt like fall sipping on my Wasatch pumpkin ale. there is something so lovely about fall that i appreciate all the more because i am a florida girl and our closest thing to fall is discovered at the local craft store selling plastic pumkins and fabric leaves. this here was the real deal, and who doesn't love the real deal?