take me out to the ballgame...

have i mentioned how cool my sister is? no?!

she is pretty darn cool. not only does she work for nbc sports as a broadcaster, she also hosts met weekly - the mets fans' go-to tv show for all things mets. and working for the storied franchise has its perks...such as tix to the games with some pretty decent seats.

baseball. america's favorite pastime. it conjures images of crackerjacks, fathers and sons, little kiddos praying they catch a fly ball, hot dogs, ice cold beers, the sound of a bat cracking through the air when a home run is hit...

growing up in vero beach, florida, we watched the l.a. dodgers during spring training. the dodgers games were as much a part of my childhood in vero as beach days were. we would go as a family when i was younger, and then with friends once i was older, and nibble on a lemon icee while getting sunburnt under the humid florida sun.

baseball has always been a part of my life. my dad played as a pitcher in college and is the biggest angels fan i know. my boyfriend played growing up and continues to love the game - i know this because he watches baseball a lot! i can still remember my brother's ken griffey jr. poster hanging on his bedroom wall and i even got involved in the game as a fsu batgirl. now my sister is interviewing players and reporting on the team.

no matter what, i would venture to say most people enjoy a good night or afternoon at the ball park. what's not to love?

here are a few pics from the game this past monday night.