turks and caicos, part 3

bonefishing. i knew nothing about it but drew was pumped about going so i, of course, was game to go. basically, it is one of the hardest fish to catch. they usually travel solo, which makes them harder to find right off the bat. they are super fast and can generally be found in shallow waters. you can spend a whole day fishing for them and not catch one. with the crystal clear waters that provo provides, it makes for one of the best bonefishing spots in the world.

we set out early in the am to scout some fish with db - a local fisherman in the area who does tours. the sunrise over the water was beautiful and it was not too hot yet which made for a nice boat ride.

this was probably my favorite part of the trip because it allowed us to see other parts of the island and really explore. we saw smaller islands where the sand was left untouched and truly looked like a deserted island. one of which is a privately owned spot called pine cay.

db and db set out on foot to see if they could approach any bonefish sneakily. i laid low and took some pictures from the boat. left the fishing up to the boys and basked in the sun. a hard life i tell you!

they came back with some conch for bait - really cool to watch db get the conch out of its shell.

i will leave you to determine who got lucky in catching the one fish of the day. i wouldn't be lying if i said a certain db helped. just which one is up for you to determine. fun adventure and definitely one of the highlights of the trip!