bahamas, part II

here is a bit of a breakdown of what to do, eat, drink, where to stay, etc. on grand bahama island (assuming you are not traveling by boat!) where to stay

this resort had pretty much everything we needed: a beach. a lot of pool. and a bar. but aside from this, the people were extremely nice. everyday was happy hour and included a man playing steel drums in front of the ocean as well as a parade of costumed locals who marched and played music at sundown. they were a highlight.

what to do:

rent scooters. hands down.

without access to a boat, we were left to our own devices and ended up scooting around the island. it was the best decision we made. for fifty bucks a pop, the scooter was all ours for a full day. we took them cruising around the island and found a beautiful secret beach. (i now want my own scooter in ny).

also, visit garden of the groves like i mentioned before. bonus if you happen to go on a friday as they have a cafe with the best oysters i have had...probably ever. but just an fyi that the cafe only serves the oysters on friday nights. it is nice to walk around the garden and see all of the ducks, ponds and greenery.

go to the grand bahama national park. with caves, mangroves, flowers, and the beach - this government protected land has it all. gold rock beach is a post card view - especially at low tide when pools of water form amongst the sand and everything is turquoise. best beach we saw on the island.

where to eat / drink / and be merry:

i am not going to lie, if you are looking to get spring break crazytime, grand bahama island may not be on the top of the list. however, that is not to say there are not some delish drinks to be had.

best food - banana bay - the best frozen pina colada and food we had the whole time. grab a grouper sandwich or some conch fritters and dig in. the restaurant sits right on the water overlooking a few palm trees, a hammock and that beautiful turquoise water.

coconut stand in port lucaya - my main goal of the trip was to drink from a coconut. and i did. it was delicious and could venture to say that i have a backup plan in mind should i ever need to start my own business...

for breakfast, we ate our last meal at the dive - in. i recommend the plate drew got which was herb and bacon french toast with maple butter. hey, it's vacation and you are allowed to eat whatever your heart desires!

it has been a little under a week since we have left the bahamas and i can't stop thinking about the tropical paradise...will be back again someday i hope!