by now...

it is no surprise that there is a little mama named irene heading steadily towards the bahamas & the us coast right this moment. she is growing and getting stronger and currently ruining my vacation plans that i was so excited about just a mere few days ago.

i haven't posted any photos in a while - i was hoping to come back with gorgeous images of pristine beaches, white sand, crystal clear waters and me sipping a tropical drink - but that is not looking like it will happen. so i will do my best to make it work here in the nyc and show you the last remaining moments of summer 2011 on the mainland. who said the concrete jungle can't be exotic? ( i am gonna have my hands full with that one...)

when life hands you lemons, make lemonade?

when life hands you hurricanes, scream and run?

when life hands you earthquakes, shake it off? (yes, earthquakes in the city)

exactly how does the lemon phrase apply to natural disasters again?

less rambling, more pictures. to come.