dear charlotte,

i think bud summed it up best when explaining this past weekend in north carolina: "Charlotte: your food is legit, your bars are cool, your people are friendly, your roads are treelined and winding, but best of all you contain a piece of family. Happy to be back in New York but a little homesick after a great weekend."

to elaborate on the above:

your food is legit: our bellies became quite full after eating some serious barbeque at midwood restaurant (might i recommend the bbq pork sandwich?), sipping on beers while rocking on chairs/benches on the front porch (i now have to have a swinging bench when i grow up), burgers a la chef brian and pops, tiff's homemade concoction of mac n' cheese (don't let her tell you she can't cook. it's a lie.), cabo fish tacos (OMG, yum queso dip. YUM.) and chelsea's homemade guacamole that is better than most of the nyc tries i have had!

your bars are cool: snug harbor = pirate bar = keybar of charlotte = fave bar. (although, thirsty beever was closed and could have given pirate bar a run for its money...maybe).

your people are friendly: there is something about the south and the people who charm it.  it may be the slower pace (and slower way of speaking) but every where you go, there seems to be someone who wants to talk to you, know your story and ask questions.

your roads are treelined and winding: and you have fireflies, which are my new favorite summer thing.

you contain a piece of family: chels and brian let us stay at their adorable house (thanks guys!). props to their decorating skills which featured brian's awesome artwork (his designs and tee-shirts can be found here) and chelsea's eye for vintage finds.  one of my favorites was an old rustic door they added a bird door knocker to and used as a headboard.  how smart and thrifty.


most of all, it was just relaxing and perfectly nice to spend time with the family. eat dinners together. swing on porch together. and laugh together.

as the older lady so softly and smoothly said at the airport while rocking in her rocking chair (yes, charlotte has rocking chairs at their airport) - "family is everything".