living in new york ... you forget (or try to at least) some of the major tourist attractions that draw millions of people to the city every year. in fact, you often avoid these areas at all costs. you forget that times square is an actual part of the city and not some sort of horrendous man-made light display where people bump into one another constantly due to distraction. you forget that the statue of liberty lies right outside the city, a mere 12.5 miles from the edge of the financial district, because you really would rather not fight the long line curving its way along the water. and yet, there always comes a time when you think, wait a second...i live in this city. i need to see these things that make my city, i need to experience them! such thoughts tend to happen on beautiful saturdays like yesterday. the sun was peeking out and the temperature rose above fifty degrees. Fifty!

i had never had the pleasure of tasting grimaldi's was nearing lunch time...and the only appropriate, new york, touristy way to get there, is to cross the brooklyn bridge. so we set off on an adventure for the great, renowned, famed slice of new york style pizza (actually, no slices, only pies!). and my oh my, there was a line. and my oh my, it took a loooooonnnng time. but my, OH MY, was the wait worth it. so folks, it may be touristy. and it may be a slight pain to wait (patience is key), but do yourself a favor on the next lovely, sunny day in march and take a walk outside of manhattan. over the brooklyn bridge. to the tasty, filling pizza joint. in fact, fully embrace the experience and become a picture-taking tourist while you are at it. you only live once, anyhow.