film, charmed.

it used to be:

24 clicks, you're done.  develop the film.  go to the dark room and let the images come to life.  use your hands to dodge and burn.  repeat steps until satisfied.

now it is:

click endlessly.  upload to your laptop.  open in photoshop and let the games begin.  leave on the computer amongst the other thousands of images you have acquired.  print...maybe.

i will always have a love for film even though i am a full on digital user now.  film charmed me to photography.  it was a pleasant surprise to realize that with a click of the camera, i could create this image at this one moment in time and no other exact replica could ever be made.  digital has its charms too...the charm of instant gratification that is.  in a world of instants, it is nice to remember how special film can be in the creative process.  my holga pictures do this for me.  i am currently working on a color roll (slowly but surely), but here are a few black and white photos from vermont and nyc.