so fresh and so clean

well, it has been awhile. the past 30 days or so have flown by but in between it all i found some time to snap a few photos of our second big snowstorm of the year. central park is my favorite place to go after a big snow. benches are covered with sparkly & powdery white (or as my brother would say “fresh gnar-pow”), tree branches are perfectly adorned with fresh flakes and icicles are slowly melting away at light posts. it is truly picturesque. and if you are lucky, you can get out there before everyone has had a chance to make their mark in the snow (human or dog) and see it laying s moothly throughout the park. i don’t think the city ever feels as clean and fresh as right after a snowstorm. so fresh. so clean! (until it gets trampled on with muddy boots and melts into slush, but that is another story…)