bruce davidson talk, december 9th

Last night I paid a visit to the Levi’s Workshop series in New York City to hear famed and notable photographer Bruce Davidson speak about his work. In front of a crowd of approximately 150 people and over 30,000 viewers streaming live from Facebook, Mr. Davidson spoke about his photographs and series of work as they were projected onto a large screen. All in black and white, all from film, each image had a story. What struck me most was the knowledge he had of his subjects from over 30 years ago and where they are today. His sense of humility and sincere curiosity in his subjects is evoked through his series such as Brooklyn Gang and East 100th Street. One audience member asked the inevitable question to him – film or digital? His response – ‘I have always worked with film and do today. I don’t really care what you do, you can choose to do whatever you want’. Respectfully, Mr. Davidson continues to develop his prints in a ‘secret’ darkroom in his NYC apartment. I admire him so…

He has moved away from the journalistic side of photography to a more serene, yet odd subject of Los Angeles palm trees. “Right now I am in love with palm trees. It may be a little sick, but that’s what it is.” I imagine after spending 50 plus years living in New York City, one cannot help but be swayed to nature.

Kudos to Levi’s and Aperture magazine for making this series possible. Unfortunately, this is week nine of the ten week project, but let’s hope they return next year. Above are some images I snapped on my iPhone – the space is truly great.

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